Enrollment Walkthrough

Enrollment Walkthrough

Below, you will find screenshots which will help walk you through the Enrollment process.  The best way to enter this workflow will be to follow the unique link in the Admission notification you received.

Completing the enrollment contract:

In the Admissions notification email, the Enrollment link is unique for your OpenApply profile.    

Once you click on the link, it will take you to your OpenApply profile page, which will list all of your students.  

Select your student's name, which will take you to your student-specific profile.  Within that section, there's a "click here" link that takes you into the Enrollment flow.

The Enrollment form follows.  Complete all details & at the bottom, click to submit the Enrollment contract.


Since FACTS and OpenApply are not integrated, you will separately need to log into FACTS Tuition Management to create a FACTS account and enter account details. After you’ve done this, we will be able to apply the tuition charges in FACTS per your completed Enrollment Contract.

Soon after your Enrollment Contract is completed, you will receive a notification from FACTS that we’ve input the appropriate charges. Funds will be withdrawn from your bank account via ACH 10 days after that notification. The tuition deposit will be applied to your tuition account in February 2018 only if the student is actively enrolled at KLS on such date. If the student has withdrawn from KLS for any reason prior to such date, the deposit will not be refunded or applied to any outstanding tuition balance.